theHunter: Call of the Wild – Review

DISCLAIMER: theHunter: COTW overall wasn’t an enjoyable experience. I knew it wasn’t going to be my kind of game coming into it as I’ve never been big into hunting or hunting related activities. But I’m not gonna base how I feel about this game based on that, I’m going to try and look at it with a neutral point of view. 

System Spec’s

Game Settings: All settings maxed out.

With all settings maxed my game ran with 60+ FPS but seemed to drop to around 40 FPS pretty frequently. The graphics themselves are gorgeous but would bug out from time to time. Shadow and light flickering were the most common of graphical bugs… and while the graphics are nice looking up close, once you get to high ground or a lookout point you get a nice look at all the trees and foliage that hasn’t rendered in yet.

On the subject of technical problems, the sound in the game was more buggy then anything else. The menu screen music would play 1 out of 4 times, jumping sound would go silent before you hit the ground… I was also given the same voice message about money at the start multiple times. (I’m not sure if this ones a bug but it didn’t seem right)


After the success of theHunter, a free to play hunting game on steam, Avalanche studios decided they would capitalize on this success by making a next gen sequel! The game would have Better graphics, better mechanics, better animal physics,and overall be a better game!!! They didn’t do a great job.

While the game does a good job at drawing you in with it amazing graphics, it did a poor job with game play. Now this isn’t because the game play was necessarily boring, I can see why it could be fun to the right kind of person. They area’s you can explore are large, giving you a lot of room to explore and find different game. It gives you a lot of different environment’s to explore and adapt to as well but there is a lot of walking/sneaking around large distances in a very slow pace… This got tedious very fast.

Once you found an animal to shoot, you take aim and fire. If you hit it just right you one shot one kill it. But if you were unlucky enough to just injure it, you needed to follow that bleeding sucker down. At one point I shot a deer right under the skull, near the back of its head and through the spine. I followed that deer’s tracks for, I’m not even kidding, ten minutes. I may not know a lot about hunting, but I have a feeling a deer wouldn’t be able to make that distance with an injury like that.

But aside from all that, where the game should excel is animal physics, but it doesn’t do so hot there either.

Dumb Animals

The animals are probably the least realistic part in this game.  I found myself scaring off animals from 300 meters away just by walking, but when I shot at the same distance they would peek there head up curiously looking at there surrounding. Once the animal’s were scared, there were moments where they would run for there lives for about 50 feet before calming down. This made missing a shot seem like no issue as they rarely ran out of your sight. Other times they would literally run circles around me until slowing down. This got the game even closer to me, giving me an easy kill shot.

All of this plus some of the animals un-natural looking movement (Especially the birds) made the whole experience less immersive and fun.

But is it worth it?

If you’re a fan of the original or just looking for a hunting game this game is only 35$CND/30$USD/30€ and if you look past the bugs theirs a lot of content. Huge maps to freely explore, variety of guns and animals to use them on. theHunter has a multiplayer option as well so you can hunt with friends!

The dev team has already released a patch clearing up some of the common bugs, so hopefully the bug’s I’ve mentioned above will be gone soon enough.

So if you’re ok with dealing with the bugs it currently has, go ahead and buy this game. But if you’re looking to jump straight in and get a realistic and flawless hunting experience I suggest holding off on this game for awhile.


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