Price-cap increases in Steam market

Valve recently decided to raise the price-cap in community market. It was an issue for a long time now when you had items worth over 400 USD and could not sell them for more because of the marketplace limits. Steam market price-cap was increased from 400 USD to 1800 USD.

How does it affect the market itself?

This change basically affect only higher tier skins and items (like Katowice 2014 stickers etc.). Going back in the days, these items were either traded for keys or by using third party websites like OPskins or similar to it. I still think this type of exchange will be used because in keys scanario you can store them for future trades or any other needs. Speaking about third party websites they will still probably live because they are working with real life money and not with steam funds. This makes much more sense to sell your skin or item right there and get some money on your paypal rather than having 1500 USD in your steam funds. Like for real, what are you going to do with 1500 USD of steam funds? Buy games or another skins?

Currently there already are some listings for high tier items, however, most of them are yet overpriced. As always it will take time for such items to stabilize and they will have similar prices to what they go for on OPskins for example. Newbies and people who are not familiar with prices might fall for this and buy items for high prices, however, I dont think there are many who are buying skins for over 500 USD without knowing their real value.


Over all it is a good add since not everyone can find specific items to buy on third party websites. Taking in fact they could fall for a scam they rather do not buy what they are looking for. Now it will solve this issue as such skins as M4 Howl will be available on the market and you will be able to buy them from there. This price-cap will not affect low and mid tier skins at all. From my perspective it is a win-win situation for both Steam users and Valve themselves (imagine those 15% taxes on items for 1000 USD and above).

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