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As you may already know, every steam profile has some sort of steam level. You can find various profiles starting from level 0 to over one thousand. Steam level basically has no end as this all depends on you what level are you going to reach. What is the point of it? How to get XP to level up your Steam profile? Let’s find out.

Steam Level 1

What is the point of Steam Level?

Steam level roughly gives you a fancy looking profile with some minor features:

  • Showcase on your profile – allows you to add one showcase  (or few – if steam level is high enough) to customize your profile the way you like. Customization is quite small and basically you have only few options for the setup.
  • Larger friendlist – another useless feature (in my opinion) considering you can have tons of friends with level 1 Steam account. However, if you feel it is not enough and you need couple hundreds more – you may find this useful.
  • While crafting badges to get XP (we will get back to this down below) you get emoticons and profile backgrounds. Backgrounds can be set on your profile to make it better looking and emoticons are used in chats, forums, etc. You can use only those emoticons and backgrounds which you have purchased from Community Market or crafted from Steam Badge.
  • Every 10 levels you increase your chance to get Booster Pack by 20%. If you think you can do some profit over here, you are wrong. This is definitely not worth to do just for Booster Packs.
  • Reputation and Reliability. This is probably the main reason to level up your Steam profile. This is a big issue while trading because you are overflowed with level 1-5 profiles which are usually not even real people. Low level profiles are usually spam bots or scammer accounts. High steam level is also good way to eliminate impersonators who are trying to copy your profile and then try to scam your friends (they can copy your nickname and profile picture but they won’t be able to get the same level you are that easily).

How to increase Steam level?

Crafting badges. This is the only way to get high steam level at this date. One badge gives you 100 XP. Both regular and foil badges give you the same amount of XP, however, foil badges are way more expensive. To craft a badge you will need a full set of cards from a specific game. You get half of them free by playing purchased games and another half has to be traded/purchased from Community Market. There is 1 more way to get cards which is Booster Packs. You can either buy it from Community Market, get a drop (which probably won’t ever happen on low level Steam profile) or you can create one by using specific amount of Steam Gems. You get them by turning your Backgrounds and Emoticons into Steam Gems or buying a Sack of Gems from Steam Community Market (it contains 1000 Gems).

Steam Level 2

To check the progress of your Steam Badges you simply have to press “Badges” on your steam profile menu. Here you can see how many cards you already have, which ones you are missing and which games will give you more card drops. Once you have enough cards you simply press “Ready” in “Badges” menu which will give you 100 XP, 1 Emoticon, 1 Background and 1 discount coupon for a shitty game (at least I never had something worthwhile). You will lose all your cards in the process. You can craft the same regular game badge 5 times and foil badge for 1 time. The only exception is Holiday badges which can be crafted unlimited times.


There is one tricky thing with all these badge crafting – every 10 levels you will need 100 XP more to level up further. Example: To level up from level 0 to 10 you will need 1000 XP which is 10 badges (10 badges times 100 XP = 1000 XP). However, to get Steam level 20 you will need 2000 XP now, which means you will need 20 badges now to get from level 10 to level 20. Same goes on and on, if you want level 30 now you need to get 3000 XP which means 30 badges in total. Again, you get only +10 levels – from level 20 to level 30. See the trick? The further you go the more money you need, as proceeding through higher levels requires more XP, which means more badges, more cards (and cards obviously cost money). Basically it is another way for Valve to get money from us without giving anything valuable in exchange. 🙂

Honorable mentions:

There are few badges which do not require steam cards:

  • Years of Service – gives you XP once per year just for using Steam.
  • Community Ambassador – gives some XP for completing some tasks in steam community.
  • Different event/sale badges – obtainable once during specific Steam event
  • Game collector – Badge gives you XP for purchasing new games (extremely low amount of XP per game)


If you are not trading with Steam items and you don’t really care about the look of your profile – then do not bother yourself with Steam Level. It is mainly used for cosmetic part of your profile and on reputation part at some occasions. Getting higher levels (100+) requires a certain amount of money which means you should consider it twice, if you will get that feedback for what you pay or not. For everyone who is into trading – I recommend to level up at least 20+ which is quite cheap and it will help you out in some way and make your profile more trustworthy.

Steam level 3

I may also get back to this topic by reviewing some specific badges on the road to level up your Steam account which may be useful to know.



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