Resident Evil 7 on Steam

Finally Resident Evil 7 / Biohazard comes out on Steam. This time CAPCOM decided to turn to a side from a regular setting compared to 5th and 6th chapters. After viewing trailers most people thought this game would be alike latest indie horror games. According to trailers it was also similar to Konami’s Silent Hills with Norman Reedus. CAPCOM even released Demo version which moved these thoughts on to another level.

Thankfully, they still remained on classic Resident Evil setting with links to indie horrors aka Outlast. Looking back to previous parts they tried to expand it on action side and this seemed to have no further potential. CAPCOM decided to turn their story telling from monsters, zombies, corporations etc. This is an interesting decision though as we are curious now how is this still a Resident Evil game.


Young man Ethan goes to Dulvey, Louisiana to find her beloved girl. She was missing for 3 years and Ethan recently received a message from her, telling him not to search for her. Ethan as a true gentleman goes to Dulvey Haunted House to find her. First you get a creepy exploration of the house, always waiting for something bad to happen. After a while you obviously get in trouble and only thing you think now is how to get out of this house. Meeting the maniac family makes literally shit your pants. This game is not using “screamers” to scare you, you are terrified because of the game setting.

Don’t forget this is a Resident Evil. All the puzzles and secrets are present. Story line changes are unpredictable as always and game amazes you with when you do not expect that. RE would not be the same without monsters so trust me they will be here as well.

Also got to mention this game supports VR (Virtual Reality) which makes this game insane. It is scary AF to play from the screen and VR moves these feelings to another level. Don’t try if you are afraid of horror games because you may get a heart attack.

To conclude, I think the game took the right turn on story and setting. It adds something new to the game and you really don’t want to stop playing. Last but not least – the game is very friendly to new players so if you did not play previous parts you won’t miss too much and this is a great choice to start with Resident Evil if you haven’t tried any part yet!

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