Resident Evil 7 – Review

DISCLAIMER: Going into this game, I had no knowledge or previous playtime in any of the other resident evil games. RE7 takes place in the same Universe as the other games but the story’s are loosely connected.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

System Spec’s  

Game Settings: All settings maxed out.

With settings maxed out my game ran with an average of 150 FPS. I never noticed drop below 60. There were moments about half way through where I noticed some stuttering here and there but that passed relatively fast. Only technical issue I had with this game is the ambient noise and music seems to cut out from time to time, taking away from the immersion.

The voice acting was phenomenal across the board… except Ethan, the protagonist, who was supposed to be a helpless man searching for his lover in the twisted world that is the Bakers house! But he always sounded tough, confident, and never truly scared. His cries of pain sounded very genuine tho.

Now lets talk Game Play.

Combat…  Right off the bat you get into an epic melee fight with your lost girl friend Mia, who Ethan (you) came to the house to find, the fight is Scripted and Interactive meaning while you were pressing the buttons to block and swing there would be times where you would be put in a mini cut-scene showing yourself brutally attack them. Personally I found the scripted fight sequences to be bad ass and very fun to watch. This set the tone for the rest of the game and got me excited to see what would come my way next. What came next wasn’t as enjoyable. While the rest of the boss fights were tense, challenging and fun… The main enemy’s of the game, the molded, were more annoying then anything else. Unless they spawned in numbers the molded were never a threat, more or less just a waste of bullets. They moved very oddly so it was hard to hit them in the head (which happens to be the most viable way to kill them) and some of the special kinds of molded ate your already scarce amounts of bullets right up. I found running around them was easier and faster then wasting your ammo. Other than wasting time, the molded were also a very repetitive enemy. Nothing really ever changed about them (other then if they crawled or not) so you would be just doing the exact same thing over and over except the next time you would have less bullets.

If you weren’t fighting off 100 molded with only 6 bullets you were solving some sort of puzzle or looking for a key item. There were many different puzzles and tasks for each area, some mandatory some optional. This game did a good job of keeping the puzzles fresh and unique throughout the whole game. It was always “Go find the special item and do the special thing” but it never felt like a chore. The amazing atmosphere of each area kept you so tense you were more focused on what might be around each corner rather than the distance may need to backtrack. The rooms themselves were very detailed and revealed more about the story then you’d expect.

RE7 biohazard_1

The story was different than many other horror games I’ve played, it was unpredictable and genuinely creepy. Other than a jump scare here and there I never found myself scared while playing, but the story alone made this game a horror masterpiece. Overall Resident Evil 7 gave me an experience I haven’t had in a horror game since Outlast.

I completed RE in just over 6 hours, and while I enjoyed the game I do think if their charging 80$CND/60$USD/50€ that it should have been longer. But once you’ve completed the game you unlock a harder difficulty (Madhouse) and some new goodies for you to play through with, this as well as there being 2 endings to the game (Game play is the same for both endings, just new end cut scene.) adds some replay value to the games. CAPCOM is also releasing new content for the game in spring, for a whopping price of FREE. so I have no doubts people will get there money’s worth with this game.


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