ELEAGUE – Third day results

There we go, day 3 of ELEAGUE CS:GO Major has came to an end. Little bit late from me to post the results, however, here they are. No big surprise came for this time and matches were taken by favorites of those match ups. Lets have a look of the results themselves.


Fnatic [16] vs. [11] Mousesports

Pretty expected outcome whatsoever. We will see how both of them are going to proceed in day 4.

GODSENT [3] vs. [16] EnVyUs

EnVyUs basically destroyed GODSENT. Never thought score would be like this, I was waiting for an intense match. GODSENT played that bad I have a doubt they will proceed to playoff stage.

North [19] vs. [15] HellRaisers

This was the match where we had to say good bye to one of the teams. HellRaisers were the ones to lose it but I will still give them a credit as they went home by giving a good fight in the end. Congratulations for North in their first win though.

Gambit [10] vs. [16] Virtus.pro

Virtus pro became a first team to hit the playoff stage after winning over Gambit. I do think Gambit will get to that stage too. In this match I think the map was a bit in the favor for Virtus pro as they always performed great on de_train.

Astralis [16] vs. G2 [5] Esports

Astralis had a terrible start but they are starting the rock’n’roll now. Second win for them and they are back on track. This match shows they worked on their mistakes and they are ready to go further.

SK [3] vs. [16] Natus Vincere

I predicted NaVi to win but score 3-16 – who would ever thought about this. SK looked like a mix from matchmaking against the most prepared team in whole tournament. Hope SK takes this as a lesson and proceeds on a different level.

Team Liquid [18] vs. [22] FaZe

Liquid seem to like walking on the edge of the loss, and lose right there. All the matches from them were either overtimes or something very close to that. I doubt they will go further with their current game. FaZe – well played, good candidate for a playoff.

FlipSid3 [13] vs. [16] OpTic Gaming

Another deadly game as loser is eliminated from the championship. Optic were better this time but just as HellRaisers, FlipSid3 gave Optic hell of a fight. FlipSid3 even had a big lead in the beginning, however, Optic managed to comeback and win the match.

After day three we have 2 teams who proceeded to a playoff stage – Natus Vincere and Virtus pro. We also got 2 teams who left the championship and they are HellRaisers and FlipSid3. Day 4 will show us who gonna be remaining quarterfinal members. I will leave the post with the results of day 4 and we will have an overview of playoff matches very soon.

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