ELEAGUE – Second day results

Second day of ELEAGUE CS:GO Major Championship has came to an end. Most of my predictions were correct. Lets have a look on every match for day two and see how did the teams perform.


Mousesports [16] vs. [7] HellRaisers

As expected Mousesports had quite easy match today. HellRaisers got their second loss which means they are on the edge to be eliminated from this tournament.

Natus Vincere [16] vs. [6] EnVyUs

I predicted NaVi to win but I did not think it would be that easy. NaVi shows great shape for another day beating EnVyUs with an ease. Flamie was unstoppable today and Edward was great yesterday so NaVi currently look like one of the favorites for this championship.

FaZe [17] vs. [19] SK Gaming

FaZe did a great job despite their loss. I thought SK would have an easy win, however, I was wrong. Match took to the overtime and SK had a really hard time playing against FaZe. Match shows that SK Gaming are still vulnerable on specific maps and now I am aware they could compete well against NaVi for example.

FlipSid3 [14] vs. [16] Team Liquid

Team Liquid won just as I expected. However, the score looks far from what I thought it would be. FlipSid3 performed really good and match almost came to the overtime. EliGE from Liquid was carrying the team just like in the first day. He has highest kill ratio in whole tournament. If the whole team performed that good they would be unstoppable.

North [13] vs. [16] Fnatic

This one was a very interesting match. Despite the great game from cajumb, North still could not take over Fnatic. Dennis and Olofmeister took their team to the first win.

OpTic [12] vs. [16] Astralis

Optic Gaming did quite good but that was not enough. Astralis was basically carried by dev1ce and this one man army got their first win. On the other hand OpTic got their second loss and they are close to get eliminated just like HellRaisers.

GODSENT [9] vs. [16] Gambit

I did not expect Gambit to be that good. They basically gave no chance to GODSENT. Gambit overplayed them in almost every situation and 1vs.1 game moments. Every player performed that good I cant even pick someone who did the biggest impact. At this level Gambit are definitely ready for quarterfinals.

Virtus.pro [16] vs. [14] G2 Esports

Another close match with almost overtime outcome. Virtus Pro had a really hard time with G2 however snax and good old fella TaZ did their job on their best. Great match to finish day two!

That is if for a second day of ELEAGUE Major. Day 3 will give us some interesting outcomes as there will be teams eliminated and teams to proceed further in the championship. I will post day three review shortly. Stay tuned!

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