ELEAGUE – First day results

First day of ELEAGUE Major Championship has ended. Most of the matches went quite predictable, however, we still saw couple interesting and unexpected matches on day one. Lets have a closer look on the results and some comments over every match of Sunday.


Gambit [16] vs. [8] North

I thought this would be a 50:50 match as both teams prepared quite good for this Major. Solid win for Gambit which was a bit unexpected. Every member of the team performed really good while North did not show their true potential.

Fnatic [10] vs. [16] G2 Esports

An interesting matchup over here. As expected G2 Esports performed better. Fnatic did not look too bad either so I believe they will perform quite well in next championship stage.

SK Gaming [16] vs. [7] Hellraisers

Probably the easiest prediction for the first day. Complete overkill of SK Gaming. They looked very strong and I guess they will go high stage in elimination brackets.

Virtus Pro [16] vs [13] Optic Gaming

Another 50:50 match. Both teams performed quite good and both should move forward in the tournament. Snax from Virtus Pro was crazy good this match which lead them to a win.

NaVi [16] vs. [3] Mousesports

Great show off from NaVi. Complete destruction of Mousesports and easy win for Natus Vincere. Maybe Mouse did not put too much competition for NaVi but they look really strong and ready to score top positions in this tournament.

Team Liquid [21] vs [25] EnVyUs

The most interesting match of the day. Crazy moments and crazy comeback. I have a post related to this match, have a look for more details!

Astralis [6] vs. [16] GODSENT

Biggest sensation for today. Astralis did surprisingly poor while GODSENT had a great performance. So far Astralis were one of the favourites of this Major however their first game was way below their actual skills. Lets see how they perform later on. As per GODSENT – solid win and one of the strongest performances of the day.

Flipsid3 [9] vs. [16] Faze

This was predictable match. Faze did quite good and no big surprise happened here. Got to mention good performance from rain, lets see how Faze going to proceed in day 2.

That is it for day one results. Next matches will be posted shortly, stay tuned for more!

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