ELEAGUE – EnVyUs vs. Team Liquid

Posting this right after the match between EnVyUs and Team Liquid. Could not wait for a review of all matches (which would come shortly), the match was extremely exciting and deserves this early overview. Match took place on de_cache map. Before match started I could not predict who would win it. Both teams are feeling good on this particular map and for me it was a 50:50 match.

Once the match started EnVyUs were executing quite well and gained quite a big lead. However the game changer came at 15-7 on their lead. jdm64 was the last member from Team Liquid alive while EnVyUs had 4 players still ready to go. Not only it was a 1vs4 situation but EnVyUs also had a control over the bomb. Believe me or not, but EnVyUs decided to go for a foolish decision and pushed the last member of Team Liquid which almost cost them a game! jdm64 performed as great as it was possible to do – 4 shots, 4 kills. He also had a pistol kill right before the action happened, so jdm64 performed an ace and clutched the round which was basically lost. The hype escalated quickly and score 15-7 changed to 15-15 in a no time.

Top performer

Another credit deserves EliGE who did extremely well during the whole game. He had 35 kills before the overtime and ended up killing 48 total. Most rounds which lead to the overtime were carried by him and he was definitely top performer of this match if we look on a long run (not a specific round).


The overtime was also exciting to watch. 15-15 turned to 16-18 with Team Liquid having a lead. However EnVyUs managed to win last two rounds and we have got a second overtime in the end. Score 18-18. Second overtime went better for EnVyUs, first half was won and score changed to 21-19. However, Team Liquid answered just the same and tied at 21-21. Third overtime started. It started with some interesting tactics from Team Liquid, however, EnVyUs managed to read it and gained vantage of it. First half ended 24-21 in favour of EnVyUs. They also managed to win the first round when sides changed which finally got them to win the match.

Final score

EnVyUs [25] vs. [21] Team Liquid

To conclude I would say the experience took EnVyUs to perform better in overtimes. They managed to stay calm despite their situation. Team Liquid – great performance and big thanks for such an exciting map. As I’ve said in the beginning, these teams looked completely equal to me and match was not possible to predict. Best luck for both teams in the tournament and hope we can get more matches like this as championship progress!

Other results will be posted on separate post shortly.

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