ELEAGUE – Day two

Time to look into matches for day two of the championship. After viewing day one I have no doubt we will get more exciting matches to come today. Without further ado lets check what do we have tomorrow:

Day 2 matches

mousesports vs. HellRaisers (loser match)
Natus Vincere vs. EnVyUs (winner match)
FaZe vs. SK (winner match)
FlipSid3 vs. Liquid (loser match)
North vs. fnatic (loser match)
OpTic vs. Astralis (loser match)
GODSENT vs. Gambit (winner match)
Virtus.pro vs. G2 (winner match)

Some predictions

For the first match of the championship I would bet for mousesports as Hellraisers looks the weakest team on the roster. NaVi vs. EnVyUs – I would go with Navi as they are in great shape. SK should have quite an easy win over Faze. Team Liquid should also have an easy win because they looked much stronger compared to Flipsid3 in day one. Nort or Fnatic – this one is tough. Completely 50:50 match but I would go with Fnatic just because  I like them more than North. OpTic Gaming and Astralis is also a 50:59 match. Day one went horrible for Astralis but I think they will have it against Optic. My bet on Astralis here. GODSENT vs. Gambit is another 50:50. Both did great on day one and this is probably hardest match to predict. I would risk and bet for Gambit here. Virtus Pro vs. G2 – G2 looked good on day one but I don’t think they can beat Virtus Pro today. My prediction goes with Virtus.

Stay tuned for day 2 results and we will see how good did these teams performed!

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