ELEAGUE – Day three

Day three will have some qualifiers for playoffs, therefore will also gonna have two teams who will leave the championship. That is where interesting part happens. Lets check what matches are we going to have today:

Day 3 matches

Fnatic vs. Mousesports
North vs. HellRaisers
Gambit vs. Virtus.pro
Astralis vs. G2 Esports
SK vs. Natus Vincere
Team Liquid vs. FaZe
FlipSid3 vs. OpTic Gaming

Some predictions

First of all, Fnatic should have a win over Mousesports. They looked stronger so far in this championship. GODSENT and EnVyUs look quite equal, I might pick the GODSENT between these two. North should have an easy match against HellRaisers because they look quite weak over all. In my opinion HellRaisers will be first team eliminated. Gambit vs. Virtus Pro. Both look really strong though I would go with Virtus Pro on this one. Astralis should win against G2 due to they are getting more confident and they are stronger team compared to G2 over all. Looking back to day 2 I would say NaVi were much better compared to SK Gaming. I would bet for Natus Vincere in this match up. Liquid vs FaZe is another tricky match. Both look quite good, I’d go with Liquid. Optic should probably win against Flipsid3. I think Flipsid3 will be the second team eliminated from ELEAGUE Major.

I will post the results right after every match has been played. Tournament is getting more and more interesting, stay tuned!

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