ELEAGUE – Day 4 results review

Day four of ELEAGUE CS:GO Major Championship was a bit surprise for me. So many intense matches and unexpected outcomes. I was almost sure for some teams they will make it to playoff, however most of them did terrible at this stage of the championship. Lets have a look on what has happened.


North [16] vs. [9] G2

North did quite bad on their whole run while G2 did show some possible “shine” in their game. I expected G2 to eliminate North here but nope, North got a win and quite skilled G2 Esports team leaves the championship.

EnVyUs [11] vs. [16] Fnatic

This one was a total 50:50 to me. Both teams perform quite okay but they are definitely not at their best shape ever. If anyone of them faces NaVi for example, they are screwed. This time Fnatic got a win over EnVyUs and made their place in the top 8 Legends teams.

Mousesports [4] vs. [16] Liquid

I thought Liquid will get this one but come on Mouse, you can do much better! This game looked like a strong team playing against a mix from global matchmaking, honestly… Probably one of the most easy wins not only for Liquid but between all the matches we had in this tournament. Mousesports is eliminated after this match.

GODSENT [16] vs. [8] Optic Gaming

I would say this was easy to predict as Optic did pretty bad during the whole championship since day one. Maybe it is quite unfortunate for them but they have met most of the favorites of this Major and they might do little bit better if the luck was on their side. But hey, this is a largest world championship so, who is a weak team in here, right?

SK Gaming [19] vs. [17] Astralis

This one was tough. Astralis seem to get back on track and here they have to face SK Gaming, winner of both previous CS:GO Major championships. Match even went to the overtime where SK Gaming got their win in a vicious battle.

Gambit [16] vs. [14] Faze

A great match between these two. This time Gambit made it better, however Faze performed really great and also deserve for a playoff spot. Congratulations for Gambit to make it there and become a Legend team!

Last matches of the day

North [19] vs. [17] GODSENT

North did another surprise. I was more than sure GODSENT will have this one. I still doubt they will proceed far in the playoff, however, this is their spot in to 8 teams of this tournament.

Faze [16] vs. [11] EnVyUs

Faze performed really on top here and got a deserved win. They had quite a hard road in this championship though they managed to do it. From what I’ve heard EnVyUs and G2 are going to collab which means we are probably going to see a top France performing team in a long time.

Liquid [3] vs. [16] Astralis

And the last match of the day. No comments. As strong as Liquid looked against Mousesports as bad they performed against Astralis. My favor was on Astralis anyway but I did not expect this to be that easy.

eleague playoff

Okay, so this is it. We have 8 teams in playoffs and match-ups are going to be huge. First pair – Astralis vs. Natus Vincere. It is basically a hardest one to guess. Navi performed flawless in all their matches but Astralis is one of the most dangerous teams you could get at this stage. I would pick NaVi to win but I still have doubts on this one. Fnatic should win against Gambit. Probably going to be a close games but my pick is on Fnatic. Virtus.Pro vs. North is easiest pair in here. I think Polish guys will get this at 2-0 and no big surprise should happen. SK Gaming will also probably win against FaZe Clan because of more experience and little bit better performance so far. Lets see what happens on this stage of the ELEAGUE CS:GO Major Championship!

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