CS:GO Spectrum Case & other news

On  March 16th, 2017, CS:GO got an update which included some interesting features and obviously, a new weapon case. Main interest for me is the new map “Canals” which is located in Italy and according to devs is based on real life environment. Map looks really good over all, I tried to run it with bots and it feels really smooth. You can walk in the water on this map. Did not have any fps drops comparing to de_nuke map update. With 2014 PC setup I had 200+ FPS in whole run. That means map is well balanced and will run properly even on low tier specs. Can’t say much about the balance as only the time will show how well they managed to do this part. For map design I will go with 8.5/10.

CS:GO map Canals

Spectrum Case

Well, I don’t like this case over all. Most of the skins are really poor designed and barely fit their rarity. The only attractive part of it is that it contains Chroma patterns on the knives. Knives themselves are not original, they are second generation ones. Huntsman knife, Butterfly knife, Falchion knife, Bowie knife and Shadow daggers are the ones you can find in this case. Now lets have a look at all of the skins from this case.

Note: All screenshots are made from skins in Factory New condition.

Blue rarity or Mil-Spec Grade

  • PP-Bizon | Jungle Slipstream – horrible skin in my opinion. First of all there already are army camo type PP-Bizon skins and this one even looks beat up in Factory New condition.
    PP-Bizon Jungle Slipstream
  • SCAR-20 | Blueprint – simple design and good spot for Blue skin.Will be cheap and good looking skin for that price. Add some stickers and it is a good pick for a SCAR rifle on lower budget loadout.SCAR-20 Blueprint
  • Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze – another interesting skin of Blues. Design is similar to Blaze skin (worth a 50$) so getting this for 0.50$ in couple weeks is a good option even if it looks little worse. Desert Eagle Oxide Blaze
  • Five-SeveN | Capillary – basic skin, nothing too good but it is also not that terrible. Deserves a spot in Blues.Five-SeveN Capillary
  • MP7 | Akoben – no comments. Toxic looking peace of sh*t.MP7 Akoben
  • P250 | Ripple – nothing too special, however, same as Five-seven does not look that bad for a Blue.P250 Ripple
  • Sawed-Off | Zander – how many Sawed-off skins like this we already have? Well, lets have another one. Sounds stupid, isn’t it?Sawed-Off Zander

Purple rarity or Restricted

  • Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami – looks pretty good on a preview, unfortunately, not that good in-game. Maybe someone will find it interesting. I don’t.Galil AR Crimson Tsunami
  • M249 | Emerald Poison Dart – this is Purple. Purple this is. Purple. Purple? Yes, Purple. Kill me now.M249 Emerald Poison Dart
  • MAC-10 | Last Dive – PURPLE AGAIN!!!!11 How did this get into the case at all? It is ugly AF! I only made a screenshot and it already gave me a cancer.
    MAC-10 Last Dive
  • UMP-45 | Scaffold – after that MAC-10 even a default skin will look great. Now this is better than a default skin. We already got few good looking UMP-45 skins from latest cases, however, this one looks quite good too and might get his spot on some lower price loadouts.UMP-45 Scaffold
  • XM1014 | Seasons – does not look that bad but we already have similar skins to this. Not really needed skin.
    XM1014 Seasons

Pink rarity or Classified

  • AWP | Fever Dream – its okay. Won’t be that expensive and looks good enough to be a Pink.AWP Fever Dream
  • CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu – not really Pink. If it was Blue i’d say it is okay but for a Pink… Naah. CZ75-Auto Xiangliu
  • M4A1-S | Decimator – this one is probably going to be overpriced just because it is a M4 skin. Flashy colors will make people buy it. Speaking about me – I find it ugly and not worth to be a Pink. M4A1-S Decimator

Red rarity or Covert

  • AK-47 | Bloodsport – well deserved spot. It looks something tike AK-47 | Vulcan but with red/orange paint on it. Looks solid and it will probably be the most expensive skin from this case.AK-47 Bloodsport
  • USP-S | Neo-Noir – another max Pink type skin which was put into Red condition. Not even close to be a highest tier skin of a case. Basically another disappointment of Spectrum Case.USP-S Neo-Noir
  • Exceedingly Rare Special Item! – Chroma pattern knives. They look really good, however, I don’t think they will be too high in the price after a while.spectrumknives


I was waiting for new operation and they give me this. One new competitive map – okay, that is good because map pool is really too small and the game needs more new maps to give something fresh in the gameplay. But hell, WHERE IS NEW OPERATION AMIGOS? Considering that update has a new case they wont release new operation anytime soon (because operations have their own cases and they won’t release 2 cases one after another).
Spectrum Case – basically garbage. Very few interesting skins and that’s it. Knives won’t make it any special either because they will drop in price quite fast. Most of these knives are already hated by community (like Falchion knife or Shadow daggers).

Very last thing. They changed terrorist look little bit and now they got to look better (according to devs). Their bulletproof vest aka kevlar looks a bit different and they have a cowboy type belt on their waist.

CS:GO new terrorist look

3 thoughts on “CS:GO Spectrum Case & other news

  • 20.05.2017 at 12:08 PM

    Very good review. I haven’t taken a closer look at the skins in the spectrum case.

    Glad I didn’t miss anything, these skins are absolutely ugly.

    I don’t really like the AK47 Bloodsport either, it looks like some 8year old kid crafted it with legos and put some stickers on it.

    Who voted these skins in?…

    Best Regards,

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